The History of Luhta

Vihtori Luhtanen decided to start his own company in 1907. His wife designed and sewed whilst Vihtori was responsible for the sales. In the early 1910’s Vihtori Luhtanen employed two seamstresses and this was the first step towards creating his own sewing workshop.

The construction of the first industrial sewing workshop was completed in 1928 at the old business location close to the railway station in Lahti. 1944 Vihtori’s son Jaakko Luhtanen became the managing director of the company. The war years were difficult for the company, and the years immediately after the war were not easy either as there was a constant shortage of textile materials.

By the 1950’s supply and competition had returned to normal. The range of products was retrieved and more emphasis was placed on leisure wear. In the 1960’s Luhta had a huge success as a brand name in Finland and it offered a pioneering collection. New distribution channels were developed. Luhta penetrated the international markets in the early 1970’s. In the early 1980’s Luhta sales continued to grow, both in Finland and across the Continent. Luhta’s unique design was just right for the fashion trends of the day. In the 1990’s Luhta had became a group of companies and its name was changed to L-Fashion Group.

Luhta Sportswear Company

Luhta Sportswear Company is one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in Europe. The Group makes a turnover of about 245 million Euros and employs 1700 people. Exports activities cover in total over 50 countries. In addition to Luhta, the most famous brands of the Group are Rukka, Icepeak, Torstai, Sinisalo, Your FACE and Ril’s. The group is responsible for the sales of Li-Ning brand in Europe.

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