Creating an Après-Ski Look

The best way to start the new year – and the new decade – is to enjoy the outdoors. What could be better than hitting the slopes with family and friends? One of the most important aspects when planning a ski trip is to plan the outfit. A few things must be kept in mind; the outfit needs to keep you warm throughout the day and ensure full mobility while you glide down the mountains. After a long day on the slopes, it is lovely to stop by the slopeside cafe to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, therefore it is important to also take après-ski into consideration when creating the outfit. Creating an après-ski look focuses on comfortability and convenience, but the outfit can be easily styled to look chic as well. As there is often no time to change outfits before après-ski, the clothes need to be suitable for skiing too.

Women’s après ski style is about graphic styling, soft colours, and elegance. The inspiration comes from outdoor clothing.  A perfect skiing outfit starts with the Luhta Jantoniemi ski jacket, which sports a timeless design with stripes. The jacket is a shorter model that ensures functionality while skiing and the technical features such as water resistance, insulation and fixed snow gaiter keep you warm the whole day. The white Luhta Jomala ski trousers with a high waist are a perfect match with the Jantoniemi jacket. The simple, yet elegant trousers do not clash with the style and stripes of the jacket and complete the look.

What is even more important than the top layer, is what you wear underneath. It is easy to create an aprè-ski look around the beautiful midlayers of Luhta. Luhta Iisvesi is a sleek midlayer that reflects closeness to nature in its look and feel. The Iisvesi midlayer is a versatile garment, that can be used on the slopes where it keeps you warm, but thanks to its elegant design, it’s also right at home in an après-ski environment. This midlayer has artificial fur in the front, around which it is easy to create a theme for the outfit and to complete it with shoes and accessories.

And finally, the Naskarla beanie and Tarkka Ms. mid-cut shoes, both continuing the theme of closeness to nature, are the perfect choices to complete the look.

The perfect men’s après-ski look is built around darker colours and small details. The Luhta Kalasatama is a fresh ski jacket with stylish red highlights. Considering its features and technical details, it is a perfect choice for downhill skiing regardless of the weather. It is easy to pair this jacket with different kinds of ski trousers to change the colour scheme and overall feel of the outfit. The Luhta Koria ski trousers come in red and black colourways, both of which complement the Kalasatama jacket.

Midlayers are trending in men’s ski style as well, and are perfect for après-ski. Luhta Kajaani is a stripy midlayer with a retro feel. It has red detailing to perfectly match the colour scheme and style of the outerwear pieces.

The après-ski style for men is finished with Luhta Tarkka Mr. shoes in black, and a Luhta Antro beanie, with simple yet stunning details.

This season’s eye-catchers are graphic styling and fine detailing. The winter collection of Luhta provides a chic après ski look, which is perfect for the slopes and the moments after it.